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UFO Sighting at Port Jervis, NY

Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 22:58:00 -0500
Subject: Port Jervis, NY--Saw one Last Night

I was driving home from the hospital where I work , coming around a curve I saw lightness (11pm)--like daylight. I figured when I rounded the bend I would see a big, harvest moon-- but instead
there were multiple red lights seemingly far off on the distant right, I could see behind the woods in the sky. When I drove near , the lights were square and to my horror the shapes belonging to them were definitely round , dark ufos -- there were two of them, identical, and they had red square lights all around them. They were much closer than I thought, and they seemed to be hovering over a place in the woods.

Terrified, I kept driving , trying not to notice, as I was scared being the only car on the road at that moment, I wasn't sure what would happen next. Although they began to move in the same general direction, they did not follow me , and I made it home safely after what seemed an eternity, fearing all the while they would suddenly reappear on my route home. I am still in shock and very disturbed by this experience. I can't stop thinking about it and I had no interest in ufos before this. I still don't and I wish I had not seen this , I am too afraid to consider driving on a quiet road at night again. I am hoping what I saw was some kind of military aircraft .

Eugene and Roxanne, NY

Kosova Prishtina UFO Sighting

Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 20:42:26 +0100 
Subject: UFO are reality 

Hello I believe that UFOs are reality and all the films that have been made with a theme of UFO-s are to show the people that they love us and they are trying to calm down people of the world not to react very fast but to take it slowly, I really Believe in UFOs because I have seen one by my self here in Kosova Prishtina but... When I told my family what have I seen they didn't believe me not only that but the called a Psychiatrist to look me how Is my mental status.

Mendi - Kosova Prishtina
UFO Sighting at Military Base

Date:  Sat, 19 Jan 2002 20:54:21 -0500
UFO sightings oct 1980 great lakes navy base

During basic training, my company was waiting outside the mess hall when we all noticed something strange in the night sky. basically what we saw was 9 bright lights high in the sky , which appeared very much like stars. the difference being that these things moved around very quickly, while staying in formation. they would move to the right then left in a flash the stop and start again. we all new what we say was not aircraft of any kind, but that leads to my next question what was it where did they come from.

Dave K.
Possible Angel, Ghost, or Alien

Date:  Thu, 07 Mar 2002 13:38:40 +0000
Ufo Sighting





Early 70's UFO Sighting In Tennessee

Date:  Sat, 9 Mar 2002 14:48:21 EST
My Story! Can you collaborate

I have had a UFO Story that I have only told a handful of friends over the years. I have always been curious to know if what I am about to tell you has ever been collaborated by any other person. Since your interest is in this field, you might have seen or heard a story from another that would collaborate the story I am about to tell you.

In about 1972 or 3, I honestly cannot remember the exact date, but I know where I was that night. I was a student at Memphis State (Now University of Memphis) and I was being tutored by my friend who was a math whiz and was getting ready for a Trigonometry test.

We always met at my girlfriends home and her mother let us stay in their kitchen and study sometimes until 11 or 12 midnight. My memory of this and the surrounding events is still as vivid today as the night it happened, so I know it is not some kind of illusion or hoax. I do not care about receiving any attention on this subject and my inquiry is purely based on curiosity and to see if any one else saw this UFO. Here is what happened.

I was traveling east on Southern Avenue which parallels a large through way called Poplar Avenue. Looking east down Poplar any one can see the Clark Towers which is about 36 stories high. I was traveling about 35 MPH and out of the blue a big black thing moved from a northwest to southeast motion behind the Clarke Tower. I immediately tried to put a label on what I had just seen, I thought it to be something like the Goodyear blimp or an aircraft, but it was only going about as fast as a blimp. I thought, Gee where is that thing going, because it was flying about 360 feet above the ground and the Memphis airport was miles over my right-hand shoulder to the Southwest.

Then I lost sight of it for only about 3 or 4 seconds, and then it headed west toward me, but straight down Poplar Avenue. I began to slow in my car and rolled the window down and again tried to put a logical appraisal of what it was. I now thought it was a police helicopter and as any 21 or 22 year old would think, maybe they are going to catch some bad guys! Well, that thought was changed as this big black craft got closer and was now at about 200 feet and came to a halt on Poplar Avenue now about 3 hundred yards west of Clarke Towers. It had no running lights like a plane or helicopter and IT MADE NO SOUND. It sat there stopped in mid air, making no sound. This thing looked a bit longer that a cold black Greyhound bus, except it was the proverbial cigar shape with a rounded cone nose and seemingly a rounded rear section and the fuselage was somewhat flat on the bottom, but shaped like the fuselage of a large jet, sort of oval. It ! had no wings or fins that I could see. I was about 100 yards from it now and I was stopped in the middle of Southern Avenue.

It sat there for about five or six seconds, I had rolled to a virtual stop by that time and my drivers side window was down. All of a sudden, what looked like a trap door beneath the craft opened and this bright light approximately three feet in diameter popped on. This was a bright pure white cylinder or column of light that had the same intensity of brilliance from top to bottom (Like a white laser light). The light seemed to shine down on the street of Poplar Avenue and move around a little like you would move a flash light around if you were looking on the ground below you for something. I would say that this light paned around for about 7 or 8 seconds. Then the light went out and I could see the trap door close underneath the craft.

Now here is the really unbelievable part. As soon as the trap door closed, the craft moved into a northwest heading and aimed slightly upward with its nose lifted maybe about 5 degrees. It seems to lunge forward a little and then it was as if it hit the 500 miles an hour immediately and it was GONE! It took off like something you have never seen. It would be like a Harrier jump jet sitting there and instead of taking off relatively slowly from a hover, this craft shot off like something I cannot describe, it went form 0 to 500 (I am estimating) MPH like right NOW!!! GONE!!! Into the dark night sky.

I was somewhat stunned, and still trying to put some logical, normal, explanation on this. I had returned from Vietnam only about one and a half years before this. I was in an Air Cavalry unit and was very familiar with helicopters and had been around other planes, from the F-4, Spads, and OV-10 observation aircraft, so I was very familiar with all kinds of aircraft and this did not fit in ANY normal thing that I had ever seen.

I went home and my older sister was still up and I told her about it. The most memorable thing she asked me was, "What kind of sound did it make?" I then realized that I had listened, I had rolled my window down, I had seen this, I had attempted to analyze it, and until then did I realize that IT MADE NO SOUND! I didn't even think about the sound at the time because I was just trying to figure out what the hell I was seeing, and until she asked me that question, it hit me like a dream returned, IT MADE NO SOUND, even when it took off. Now that seems to be a physical impossibility, but this entire story is the TRUTH.

If you have ever heard of anyone who say something that could be a very similar experience, please email me. I am a 52 year old successful business man and father of two college degreed sons, I am not some kind of crack pot I assure you. I would just like to know if anyone around the country has ever seen something like this. I went for years and as I said above, I only told only my best friends and I have received a couple of stories back that sure sounded plausible. You see, when someone describes things in very much detail and I can see their facial expressions and attempt to be as accurate as possible, I believe them. Just saying you have seen a UFO doesn't mean anything. The people who have seen these things can recall almost every detail of the experience in detail and always tell the same story. They add things like where they were, who there were with, how old they were, what grade they were in and so forth. You can tel! l that it truly is a memory that they have, well that is true with this story, it is a memory in detail that I will never forget. Thanks for reading this and I hope to hear from you at this email address.

Thank You,
Mike R. - Covington, LA

Theory of Alien Space Crafts

Date:  Mon, 1 Apr 2002 19:20:45 +0100
Theory, movement of craft

I would like to share a theory with you, you may like to add it to your site in some way. I have a drawing of the craft or I will gladly do some artwork for the heading .

Theory, Idea for craft

I feel that any alien craft, must use the following type of propulsion. The reason I am sure of this is because this method fits in with the many accounts that involve the motion of these craft. Like rapidly speeding up, and more or less stopping dead. Turning right angles at speed, and the accounts of bodies of water bulging up under them. The method I put forward now will explain that any occupants and any loose objects would not be subjected to any G.forces, a glass of water would not even fall over. The craft would not even suffer any damage from friction in the atmosphere.

I have thought hard on a new way to propel a craft, and what I have come up with, is not an anti-gravity craft as such, but by the way it is moved, gravity and G forces would not affect it. Instead of a force, such as the burning of fuel, to push a craft, we only use fuel to push or pull, I feel we will find a way to impel every individual atom to move. In other words we will impel every atom of the craft and every atom of the occupants to move. A force applied to each atom would mean acceleration or right angle turns would not even spill a glass of water. The craft ideally would be circular and flat like the shape that often describes a UFO.

The impelling energy devices for the best effect would be positioned one top dead centre, one bottom dead centre, and one stretching around the perimeter of the disc so that objects and occupants are not put under a stretching force, and ensuring every atom moves in the same direction. The force of the impelling devices could be set to energise atoms for a short distance outside the craft, impelling the air molecules to move also, removing any friction on the craft.
Heat, magnetism and nuclear bombardment are three ways to my knowledge that move atoms, it may be with a new method we could move an object. Once we can move a small object it will not be long before we build a craft similar to the one I have put forward. An alien craft I believe uses this method.

David C.

Boomerang Shaped UFO Sighting

Date:  Mon, 1 Apr 2002 20:15:03 EST


Did you receive an reports of a boomerang shaped object flying in the sky over the Bronx on the morning of March 31, 2002? If so, then e-mail me your info.

I saw something and would like to know what it coulld be. It was either larger than an airplane or flying lower and is black in color.

Unknown - The Bronx, NY

If anyone else witnessed this sighting please contact and I will forward information to this person

Confirmation of Corona, CA UFO Sighting

Date:  Wed, 3 Apr 2002 19:19:49 EST
i believe

hi. my name is kayla. I am 14 yrs. old.

I have been fascinated w/ aliens and ufo's since I can remember. I was reading through your web site and I stumbled across one in Corona, CA. that said they saw a triangular shaped UFO and that none believed them, well I do.

I remember about 2 years ago my cousin Jason had told me that on a drive home he saw a triangular object in the sky w/ a different color light in each corner. he said that it had seemed to follow his car for a while then disappeared as fast as it came. when he told his mom, who was driving, she told him she had seen nothing. he went to sleep that night and had a very disturbing dream. he dreamed that in the field next to his house a UFO had landed. it was around 12:00 PM and it was a sunny day. he walked over to the field to greet the aliens and welcome them to earth then all of a sudden they turned on him w/ hideous faces and the sky turned dark. they chased him through the fields until he woke up sweating. he looked out his window into the field to see a light lifted into the sky and it disappeared.

I believe him because about a year after he told me this story my sister and I were in our front yard looking at the stars when I saw the same object. my sister had gone inside to get a drink when it happened. first I noticed it off in the distance. I seemed like a star that was moving. then it got closer and closer. it was just as he said w/ lights in the corners and everything. When I was about a mile high it stopped. I was stunned and stood up to get a better look. We stayed there seeming to stare at each other for a few mins. Then my sister opened the door to come back outside. I looked over at her startled but when I looked back to the sky it was gone. I never told her because I didn't want to frighten her. It was awesome.

thanx I love your sight

Kayla - Corona, CA

Jefferson Ohio Ufo Sighting

Date:  Thu, 4 Apr 2002 13:21:35 -0500

I forgot the date but my mom and I came back from warren and it was 1:00 o'clock in the morning and I saw a ufo above the apartments this was in Jefferson Ohio. The ufo looked kind of like a top and was red and kind of clear with red lights flashing around it and it was really quiet. I also think I spotted a few more but this one was the closest to me. I was only 8 when this happen and it was over the same appartment I lived in.

Terry - Jefferson, Ohio

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