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UFO Sighting in Northwest Georgia

Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003
Subject: What I just saw.

Ok,Here's my story.

I live in a small town called Chatsworth,It's in northwest Georgia. I was just outside, I was walking around enjoying the clear night and I saw this bright light, I thought it was a star until it started to move, I have never seen a plane or anything move like this, It would go from side to side covering at least 2 miles in the blink of an eye. Then it would go up and down just as far and as fast. It would be there one sec and gone the next and then back again. It was a bright white light, then it would pulsate blue, green and a redish color. I am still in shock, I couldn't get a photo but I saw it and no one will believe me...

Has anyone ever reported seeing anything like what I saw?

A true believer....

Strange Blue Light

Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003
Subject: I think ufo are really

I am from Kosova (Prishtina). I am 13 years old. Ok now I will tell you how I see ufo. I was playing basketball with my friends. It was 8:25 am. And I say, it's late I will go to home, and they say ok we will go too. And wen I go strange go in the sky, but it was near. Wen I saw it I was not able to say my friends bacouse it goes too fast. Now my friends dont bilive becouse I always look Ufo on my compjuter and they say me how Just you see Ufo :) .And I forgot to say it was blue light.


UFO Sixties Sighting in Stockton

Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003
The night was like dayl

Stockton, Ca .late sixties. I was about 4 or 5 at the time. Me and several family members saw a "sun" come across the night sky with sparks shooting off of it. It made the night look like day as it lit up the street. It went from north to south and was visible only a few moments. we all still remember and are still in awe. We wonder what it was and if others saw it too. I personally have 'memories" of ,let's just say 'The little Girl was crying because she wanted her mommy" and the little blue doctors were scary looking. The tall one spoke with my mind.


UFO sighting in Kerala, India

Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003
UFO Sighted


I have experienced a sight of UFO over the dusk Sky. I\'m from Kerala, India. we have a festival known as Diwali. The festival with a lot of fireworks. and i believe the UFO was attracted with the lighting of the festival. and i\'ll send you an attachement of what i saw (FLASH ANIMATION) if u respond to this mail. And u can have a sight once more on next Diwali i strongly hope. Please hav a positive reply and get the flash vision of my experience thanX.


UFO Sighting in Pennsylvania

Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003
A sighting from the Early Eighties

This sighting took place in South Central PA, betweeen New Oxford and Hanover.

My then wife,(now ex-wife) were heading home after being at a party at my brother in laws house. Yes we had been drinking, but I've never hallucinated anything while drinking. I had always been interested in UFOs and psychic phenomenon, so I looked up and I saw thing weird thing in the sky. It was about 1:30-2:00AM. It looked like an odd shaped bubble blob that was lit from the inside with red and green and blue lights. As it moved across the sky we were driving south the blobby bubble kind of rolled across the sky, changing shape as it moved. My wife saw it, but was really not too concerned about it. I knew it was something though. It sooned disappeared behind the hills. That's not all. About 3 minutes later, we we still heading south on the same road, and there it was again up in the sky moving across the horizon in front of us. I knew at that point, it seemed as though it wanted us to make sure we saw it. I would have to estimate the thing was about a mile or less away from us when we saw it both times. I've been watching the stuff on the history channel over the last few nights and this has resparked my interest. Another story, a friend told me about. He was a teeneager back in mid 70's and he was riding his bike home from his friends house around 12:00 midnight. It was a winding road through the woods and then went past a school. He said this big oval shaped thing slowly moved past him in front of him, a few hundred feet high and several hundred feet in front of him. He said it was totally black and made no noise. He had to ride his bike under it to get home, and he said he was afraid he was not going to make it, but he went under it, and raced his bike home as fast as he could.

Thanks for this ste, I know there's something to this UFO thing, I just don't know what.

Georgia Sightings

Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003


I just finished looking at the movie 'Signs' and it really made me think about some of the weird things I've been seeing lately.

A couple of months ago, my brother and I were riding bicyles. It was night. I looked in the sky and noticed a bright circular object. At first, I thought it was the wishing star. (Thats what I call the biggest star) I couldn't take my eyes off of it because it was 3 times bigger then what the wishing star usually was. I remember telling my brother to look. He saw it to. Then it just disappeared right in front of my eyes. The object got smaller and smaller till it was gone. It was like it faded away.

Months after that, I saw the same thing happening while I was driving to school, however, it was day time. I kept trying to convince myself it was an airplane but it wasn't moving and it was a circular bright light like I had seen that night months ago. It disappeared too.

The next night, as I was driving from my cousin's house, I kept glancing up at the stars . My two younger brothers were with me. As I continued to look, I saw something go across the sky. It was a radiant blue ball with a golden trail. It was so bright and big!! I got so freaked out by it that I slammed on the breaks, scaring my brothers. The brother that was in the front seat looked up just in time to see the object go over the trees, then it was gone. My brother in the back didn't see it, but he said he had seen bright blue lights.

I don't know what I've been seeing...but it makes me wonder exactly what is out there in the universe.

Thank you
Kachina G. - Georgia

Texas UFO Sighting

Date:  Mon, 13 Jan 2003

On one day we were driving down to luling, Texas we saw a big shiny bright light in the sky it was moving so fast that we open the window and didn't hear a sound it happen on January 8,2003

Farmersville / Germantown Ohio Sightings

Date:  Mon, 16 Dec 2002
Farmersville/germantown Ohio Sightings


My name is Jay and me and my family well atleast a lot of us have had UF.O encounters. All of these sightings have happened in
farmersville and Germantown. I'll start with mine. My first was........... I was about five years old and I still remmeber this chrystal clear but me and my grandma were outside playing then I looked up in the sky it was brod daylight and not a cloud in the sky so I know what I saw and when I looked up I saw a silver type disc and I just remeber it moving a long at a slow pace and after that I do not remember what happened it was like everything stopped after that.

In my second one which was also at my grandmas in farmersville when I was in the fourth grade so I was about 10 or 11. We were sitting down watching T.V and suddenly the phone rang. It was my grandmas sister my aunt chuckie she said Betty(thats my grandma) Betty!!! Look outside. Theres somthing out there. My aunt Chuckie lives just up the street so she saw it aswell. So we went outside It was dark out tonight but this thing really stood out It was a huge orb with a red white and blue other orbs in one. I
was really scared from seeing the first one so after I saw this I looked at it for a minute and ran inside crying. NOw this one doesnt have to do with me but with my family it does. My cousin dawn she lived in germantown on a farm at the time. It was in the middle of the night and she said she suddenly wake up and felt like she needed to go into her parents room. So she got up and went into the room and she saw her parents standing at the window. She walked up to them and looked out the window and there was a huge circular object floating a couple feet above there pond sucking up the water. She said it had a cloud type thing around it for amouflague but you could see lights and its shape. Then it dissapeared within the blink of an eye.

This fourth story has to do with my aunt Loise. She also lives in Farmersville on a farm. ONe night she was sleeping on the couch because she didnt feel good that night. She woke up that night to here an earie noise. And lights coming in through the window and went she looked out the windo the lights were poring through and she saw and object on the ground she then ran back to the couch and fell asleep trying to hide from it. These are the encounters from my family.

Ufo Sighting at Edward's Air Force Base

Date:  Sat, 14 Dec 2002


I'm not sure if you will be able to help me. But I recently heard about a UFO sighting at Edward's Air Force Base in Lancaster, California. It involved something about a man coming across an old tape record of the event. I'm kind of interested in learning more about this. If you could e-mail me back with any information or knowledge of this event that you have I would really appreciate it.
Thank you very much for your time.

Erin T.

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